The Sounds of Our Voices

by Jeremy Amon

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released January 4, 2016

Jeremy Amon - Vocals, Cello, Guitar, Piano
Nicoletta Commins - Vocals
Cindy Wang - Viola

Photography by John Colosimo
Design by Cindy Wang

Very special thanks to Sabrina Amon, Avi Amon (, John Colosimo (, Clint Montague, Nicoletta Commins, Cindy Wang (, Sam Friedman, and Derek Lasher for their endless patience, friendship, musicality, feedback, and help with the creative process. This project owes its existence to their continued support and encouragement.

Additional thanks to the UC Berkeley Symphony Orchestra ( for samples. In lieu of paying for this album, we ask that you direct your support towards the University Symphony Orchestra Fund:

Recorded and mixed by JA in Berkeley, CA. Thanks to the Ling-Black family for use of studio space and to John Colosimo for supplemental recording equipment.

Mastered by Michael Romanowski at Coast Mastering in Berkeley, CA.




Jeremy Amon Berkeley, California

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Track Name: Act I: In Which a Voice is Lost - Prologue
Our song will be forgotten,
our story, it has been told before.
In time we will replace us,
and it will be told once more. Selah.
Track Name: A Perfect Fifth
Again, we find ourselves like this;
again, we stay awake.
In lowest light, her hands, they shake;
in darkest night, he waits.

The morning star holds back the dawn,
or waits, perhaps, for her to come.

With gentle hearts in gentle bliss,
a cheek, a lash, a perfect fifth.
Track Name: The Siren and the Sea
Long ago, or so it seems,
I met the siren of my dreams;
she sang just down the shore from New York City.

And though we both were running scared
to California and Oxford squares,
the lives that we had lived were once so pretty.

So we said we would tough it out
despite the white-capped waves of doubt
that tossed so many sailors years before.

And now the question on my mind
that surely she will ask in kind
is to chose between the siren and the sea.

We know we stuttered when we should have spoke,
we left when we should have held close,
and now we know full well
that to stumble in heaven is to find yourself in hell.
Track Name: One Winter, on the Eve of the Rift
Poor folk like us,
we'll all but set down our minds,
we'll all but set them in stone,
we've both been waiting for a sign from both of us.

Though we're not sorry,
we've all but lied before,
we've called up our smiles before,
we've formed these false lives and worn them.

Though we've not seen right,
though we've not been right,
though we've not feared right,
oh we've all but known.

You will come to
know the love you
never saw in me.
We aren't young,
we've grown old,
blind, un-consoled.
This wasn't meant to be.

You will come to
know the love you
needed from my shy and troubled heart.
I will come round,
you just found
me right on the edge of knowing where to start.

you mean well but you still don't know,
that we'll all but deny the truth
that our love is all for naught.
You will see that all will be well for you,
but for now we are lost.

All I've known is lost,
all I've held is lost,
all notes I have played are lost.
Track Name: Penelope's Lament
And so, the years of song are over,
and the years of silence begun,
but I pray he is mistaken.
I know his heart is not one to discard
or so easily part;
his silence is more than I can bear.

And so, the sting of doubt is over,
and the quiet ache of certainty begun,
but his voice, his songs - they haunt me.
I'd just as soon be with his heart in doubt
than in certainty without;
which silence is more difficult to bear?

The West is my Calypso!
She'll surely let him go;
he'll wrest from her shores
and return once more.

And so, I pray that our hearts will restore,
and I pray that our spirits will roar,
and the sounds of our voices
once broken will soar.
I pray to know when to let go.
Track Name: On Munich's Eternal Return
I broke his heart
the night he said he loved me.
We left that morn'
for a week of lies in Germany.
The streets of Munich raged and cried,
but I had said my last goodbye.
We lied, we ran our own way.
Track Name: A Brief Note from the Edge of Infitnity
"Won't you step back?" she asked,
"back from the edge of infinity,
back from a cruel winter's irony,
back from the ledge of a rifted sea?

"We'll be alright," she said,
"we've seen the light in the corridor,
we've seen our lives in some holy war,
we've seen the might of a wretched storm.

"Calling all child's hearts:
your suns have set in stone.
But our souls are still sacred here -
we're not alone on this spinning sphere.

"And we're not any older,
just a little bit sorry, that's all."
Track Name: Nόστος
These strings have been my voice,
these strings have been my silence -
the lines that give my strength,
the bars that bound my keep.

This muse is my redemption,
but will drown me in the deep -
I pray for inspiration,
I pray for my release.

The silence undone
with unsaid things sung.
Not time, not pride, not presence of mind,
not flight, not dark, not light,
naught but the love that once held you to me
ends our story, and truly lets us leave.

To forgive is to be free
of wounds to him and wounds to me.
And in time, we’ll see we will love once more.
Track Name: A Convalescent's Lullaby
Lay down your arms,
lay down your songs,
the wars aren't over,
but something is saying they won't be long.
So lay down the light,
we'll hold through the night.

Voices will come and go,
but hearts will stay.

Lay down your bow,
lay down your stones,
the storms haven’t passed us,
but something is saying the worst is all but done.
So lay down the light,
we’ll hold through the night.

We've lived these lives
over again, over again,
and we'll live these lives
over again, over again.

We always knew
that what kept us apart
was false, not true,
and that in time, we’ll see,
we will love once more.